Our Approach

The human gut microbiome represents a natural reservoir of millions of bacterial proteins that have specific roles in maintaining a symbiotic relationship with the human host. Many of these bacterial proteins bear striking similarity to human hormones, cytokines and tumor antigens, and have also the ability to trigger systemic responses outside the gut environment.

Enterome’s unique ability to decode and interrogate the microbiome allows it to tap into the potential of this enormous bacterial protein reservoir to generate multiple pipelines of novel small protein and peptide drugs against a broad range of diseases.

Our approach is based on a unique mimicry concept

Enterome has developed a target-driven approach to drug discovery based on its unique understanding of the human gut microbiome and its effects on the immune system.

Bacterial compounds from the gut microbiome impact human biology through recognition by gut epithelial or immune cells, leading to immune and hormonal modulation mainly in oncology, food allergy or inflammatory and immune diseases.


Our targeted drug discovery process:

  1. We select a target known to play a significant biologic and potentially therapeutic role for a particular disease.
  2. We use our proprietary biocomputational platform to interrogate our database of 20 million microbiome proteins to identify small proteins or peptides secreted by gut bacteria that could deliver this therapeutic effect.

These drugs can then be developed through traditional drug development process.

Our Drug Discovery Platform

Highly efficient drug discovery platform to mine the world largest database of microbiome proteins and to generate novel drugs


Enterome has developed a powerful and unique proprietary platform that enables the efficient discovery of novel small protein and peptide therapeutics from the gut microbiome.

This platform is based on a unique database of 20M functionally annotated full-length proteins from the gut microbiome, best-in-class biocomputational tools to mine novel drug candidates from our database and a unique know-how.

This process allows for the creation of subset libraires of small bacterial proteins which form the basis of our OncoMimics and EndoMimics pipelines.

This process underpins the productivity of our OncoMimics™ and EndoMimics™  pipeline.

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